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Our Cabling & Bracing Services

Strengthen and reinforce your trees by installing cabling and bracing systems with us professionals.

At Launceston Tree Service, we have been strengthening and reinforcing trees through the use of cabling and bracing systems for decades. Despite this, most of our customers tend to be unaware of the benefits of this service that we offer. This procedure is incredibly effective at strengthening and fortfying certain trees by restricticing its branches from a windy environment and promoting healthy growth.

Here are three ways cabling and bracing can help you. If you think this might be right for you, give us a call and speak to our friendly owner who can explain it even further and tailored to your unique situation.

1. Recreates the integrity within damaged trees

The structure of trees and its branches are very dependent on cohesion between the branches. Each branch works in tandem to give other branches strength and balance. When one branch cracks or gets damaged, it can compromise the integrity of the tree ultimately leading to fallen branches, damaged roots, and potentially the death of the tree.

2. Helps prevent the tree and its branches from failing

Some trees grow in such a way where certain branches become prone to snapping due to the high amount of stressed placed on it. Cabling and bracing can help grow the tree in a more healthy, stable manner, and ultimately bring the integrity back to normal.

3. Keeps property safe from damage

The installation of cabling and bracing on your tree will protect any property within the vicinity of the tree. There is always potential for branches to snap or entire trees falling, no matter how healthy the tree, and cabling and bracing is a perfect way to prevent this, especially during storm season.

A tree being cabled by one of our tree arborists in Launceston

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What our customers say about us

We are very proud of how much our customers love our tree services. Every customer is special to us and we enjoy building connections and friendships along the way, whilst also doing what we love.

They were very professional, cleaned up after themselves, and got the job done. Will definitely hire again in the future anytime I need a tree service.

If it wasn't for the Tree Service guys we would have been stuffed after the last big storm. They came out fast and removed a big tree that had fallen on our driveway stopping my car from getting out. I'm glad I chose them and will choose them next time too.

Got in and got out without leaving a mess and did it all very safely.

Fast, easy to work with, and all round top blokes. I have used them multiple times now for different jobs and they never fail to impress me and my wife. I have recommended them to my friends and family.

My trees and bushes are always looking better than everyone in my street because of the tree service guys. I get them to come around every few months to trim them and make them look nice. Bloody professional and always up for a good chat.