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Is your yard overgrown and trees getting to big for the garden? Hiring a professional tree removal service to come in and clean up the trees in your yard is one of the best ways to transform your yard for the better. No one wants a yard full of unsightly, overgrown trees, only to be judged by visitors or neighbours alike. On top of that, risking damage to your property with large, unmaintained trees looming over your home is a risk you shouldn't be willing to take. Time and time again we have seen people leave their tree cutting services too late and it ends up costing them tens of thousands in damages once the tree or its branches finally fall!

At Launceston Tree Service, we are Tasmania's go to experts for all things tree maintenance and tree care. You no longer need to ask Google "What is the best tree removal service near me", because you have found your answer! Being in the tree care industry for over 25 years now, we have built up the skills and knowledge to handle any tree removal job, no matter how large the tree is. We can even handle cutting down the trees that are 30-40 meters tall!

If your property is crowded with trees, has trees that are overgrown and in need of a trim, or has dead and diseased trees, you should consider tree clearing services Newnham to help you. Our comprehensive cheap tree cutting service takes all the hassle and worry out of having trees removed from your property. Reach out and speak with our expert tree care professionals for a free tree service quote!


Our range of tree services that we offer

Why tree pruning is important

The best way to proactively prevent tree branches from falling and causing damage is to regularly prune your trees. Pruning is a vital part of keeping your tree 100% alive and healthy and should be high on the to-do list for every Newnham property owner. From keeping your gutters clean due to maintaining excess foliage, to evening out any imbalances in the tree's branch distribution, pruning can prevent many common property issues and even damages. We love to preserve trees in Newnham, and there is no better way to do that than to hire a professional tree trimmer to get the job done right.

professional tree removal in Newnham

Preserving and maintaining the tree is of utmost importance to us at Launceston Tree Service, but sometimes there is nothing that can be done other than to completely remove it from the property. Whether it is a tree that is too close to the home, one that is sick and diseased, or you need emergency tree removal with one that has already fallen over, contact us immediately and we can begin the process to remove the hazardous tree. We help you with all the permits, applications, and anything else you need to make sure the tree is safely and legally removed from your property.

What kind of trees are most commonly removed in Newnham ?

Although we can help with all types of tree removal from your Newnham home, the most common trees that our professional arborists tend to on a daily basis are tea-tree, paperbark, banksia, casaurina, and grass-tree. We also remove a lot of fruit trees of all sizes. All our trees are disposed of safely with not one bit of the tree going to waste.

Top reasons why our customers trust our Newnham tree care service


Safety, quality, and experience

Our tree service is unmatched with equipment and knowledge that makes us 100% effective.

We remove large and small trees

No matter how big or small the tree is, we have the skills and expertise to remove it.

20 years of removalist experience

With 20 years under our belt, we can tackle any job that is thrown at us.

Anytime that suits you

Busy? Not a problem. We can do our job even when you aren't home.

frequently asked questions

Questions our Newnham tree service customers have asked the most

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

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The cost of tree removal varies greatly depending on the size, species, and accessibility of the tree. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the tree and the closer it is to a building, the more expensive the job will be. Our more extensive guide on costs of tree removal in Tasmania explains in further detail the costs associated with a tree cutting job.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree from my property in Newnham?

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Tasmanian property owners must put in an application when planning on removing a tree on private land. This application will be assessed by Launceston city council as to whether you need a permit or not. We will help you with the all the necessary steps to getting your tree removed, including council permits and applications.

When should I remove a tree?

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Tree removal is a good idea for property owners who want to avoid potential dangerous tree-related accidents. Removal of hazardous or dead trees should be taken very seriously as it's removal can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in damages, as well as even save lives. If a tree is sick, bug infested, or diseased, it's removal can prevent damage to its surrounding environment.

What will happen to the stump after tree removal?

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After a tree has been cut down, it's stump will no longer grow and it's roots will eventually decay. Over time, the stump will become home to various unwanted pests and fungi which can easily spread to your home and the surrounding environment. How do you get rid of a tree stump after tree removal? We offer stump removal and stump grinding services to completely get rid of the stump from your yard.

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