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Launceston Tree Service is your tree removal and stump removal specialists in Mowbray, also servicing surrounding areas. We are the largest tree removal company in the area, with the equipment and manpower to remove all sized trees, no matter how big or small. Our dedication to customer service and our experience in the arborist industry has led us to become the sought after company we are today for all things tree services. We take massive pride in the quality and level of service in our work which is part of the reason why we have grown into the largest tree maintenance company in and around Mowbray, Launceston.

Our team are more than just tree loppers, we are highly trained arborists offering a comprehensive range of services for your tree care. Whether you need your trees pruning and trimming, stump grinding and removal, branch cutting, or a full scale tree removal, we have the safest and most expert solution for you. Our team can safely dismantle your tree and avoid damage to your property or garden no matter how close the tree is to your home. With the use of industry-grade equipment and vehicles, along with our years of knowledge and expertise, allows us to remove those dangerous trees and ones in confined spaces safely and effectively.

Our team are fully insured and available when you need us. We will come directly to you and offer a free no-obligation quote for your tree service job. If you want fast, reliable, and affordable tree services in Mowbray, then look no further than us at Launceston Tree Service! Reach out and speak to our expert team today for all your tree care needs.


Arborist services Mowbray

Tree cutting & tree lopping service

If your trees have branches that are overgrown and are a potential risk to the property around it, then you may need to speak to an expert about tree cutting or tree lopping to reduce the size of the tree. We want the best for your trees, so will always offer advice that we think will best benefit the health and well-being of your trees. Tree lopping involves cutting off the branches or parts of the tree with no certain plan towards the future growth of the tree. It is an incredibly fast and effective way to achieve a certain shape or size of the tree, but there may be other options to cut it back whilst also maintaining it's health in the long run. Our team are fully certified arborists who can assist you with tree pruning, which is a much better option for your tree's longevity. Our goal is to help you cut back your trees whilst also protecting it from diseases and pests, allowing for a long and prosperous life! If you are unsure on what you need to do with your overgrown trees, speak with our team of tree service professionals!

Large tree removal mowbray

Being the most well-equipped and highly staffed tree service in Mowbray, we are able to remove any sized tree no matter how large or how close it is in proximity to your home or business. The larger the tree, the harder it is to safely remove, that's why it is crucial you hire an expert tree removalist company to do the job properly. It can be sad to see a tree go, but sometimes it is necessary to protect your home from potential catastrophic damage, or to make room for other trees and plants to grow around it.

We can come out and assess your tree removal job and give you a free honest quote as well as a plan of action on how we will safely remove it. Whether your tree is still standing, or in the case of a fallen tree you need emergency tree removal, we will come out and do a careful examination of the tree in question to give you an honest affordable quote.

We will completely dispose of all remnants of the tree, using the wood for other purposes. We make sure nothing goes to waste and that the wood from the tree gets put to good use. If you have any questions about our tree removal services, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask! We are here are your arborist professionals to make sure you get the best out of your next tree service.

Highly trained, licensed, & insured

With years of experience in the industry and thousands of trees cared for by our arborists, our team are without a doubt the most highly trained tree professionals around. We have a strong belief that the best results come from those that are best trained and equipped with the best equipment, which is why we only have the absolute best arborists working with us, who all share a passion for tree care as strong as ours. This allows us to keep you and your property safe, as well as our staff safe.

We make sure to always invest an stay up to date with the best equipment and machinery in the industry, so we can perform our job as safely and effectively as possible. On top of the safety of our work, all of our services are 100% insured to protect you as the property owner, and to protect our staff in the event of an accident.

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