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We take massive amounts of pride in the tree work we do when servicing the area of Ravenswood and surrounding. It is our mission to provide top quality tree services that exceed customer expectations and always delivered in a flawless fashion. We offer everything that encompasses tree service work, including tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, stump grinding, tree maintenance, and tree care. If you have a tree that needs tree cutting or removal, then you simply will not find a better option anywhere else!

Our knowledge and expertise as arborists allow us to take on any tree job, no matter how big or small. We have the equipment and manpower to take down the largest of trees, even the one's 30 meters and above. Having been dedicated to the tree industry for years, we take pride in the amount of knowledge our arborists bring to the table. Getting your tree removed safely should be top priority to protect you and your property, that's why you should always pick an expert local to the area who has a proven track record in the industry... and that is us! For your next tree cutting service, reach out and speak to our team of friendly professionals at Launceston Tree Service.

Affordable tree removal service in ravenswood, Launceston

We make sure to keep our tree services affordable and accessible for everyone! Having healthy trees in your yard is important for a number of reasons, such as keeping away pests, disease, and preventing damages from fallen branches, so we want to make sure that the cost of tree removal doesn't get too expensive. Our service includes a free evaluation of your situation, and from there we give a free quote based off our assessment. We always give suggestions on what we think is the best next steps for your trees. You can rest assured knowing that your trees are in the best hands here at Launceston Tree Service!


Our Ravenswood tree services in ravenswood, TAS

Tree Removal & Cutting

It's always sad to see a tree go, and although we always try our best to prevent them from being removed, sometimes it is necessary. Whether it's too far dead and diseased, too close to your home and poses a threat to your property, or simply needs the land cleared for future developments, we know how to get your tree removal job done right! No matter the size of the tree, the location of the tree, or how close it is to your home, we have the knowledge and expertise to safely dismember it and remove it from your property.

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Fallen tree removal in Ravenswood Tasmania

Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming

All trees require pruning to keep them healthy, safe, and looking amazing, this is where we come in! It is important to hire a tree pruning arborist who knows what they're doing and is versed well enough in the industry to know how to approach each specific size and species correctly. Whether you need a few branches trimmed or the entire tree pruned, we can help you with professional tree trimming and maintenance in Ravenswood.

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Tree pruning in Ravenswood

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Stumps are one of the most challenging parts of the tree removal process. If not done correctly, you can easily damage the underlying soil and surrounding environment. A leftover stump in your yard can also be an eyesore and a haven for pests and diseases. We remove the entire stump safely and effectively without damaging any of the surrounding property or environment. No matter the location of the stump, whether it be close to a fence, in a garden bed, or in close proximity with your home, we have the correct stump grinding machinery to remove it properly.

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