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The guide to tree removal permits in Launceston

If you are planning on removing a tree that you no longer want or that needs to be removed for whatever reason, you may need to apply for a tree removal permit through the Launceston City Council. A tree removal application and certificate is required for the removal and demolition of certain trees (depending on size, species, and other factors which we will touch on) for both residential and commercial properties across Launceston.

If this is sounding like a bit pain in the behind, worry not. Our experts at Launceston Tree Service are fully qualified arborists here to make the process as easy and streamlined as humanly possible!

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How do you know if you need a tree removal permit?

Even if a tree is on your own private property, you need to make sure it is legal to remove it before doing so. There can be times where even when a tree is on your property, it still requires a permit from the council to remove it. These include specific species of protected trees and endangered trees, trees on public boundary lines, and historically significant trees.

In most cases, these are the types of trees that will not require a permit before removal.

  • Dead trees
  • Fallen down trees
  • Storm damaged trees
  • Pest-infected trees
  • Diseased trees
  • Palm trees
  • Trees within 10 meters of your home in fire danger zones
  • Trees with 3 meters of your home foundations

You should ALWAYS check with a qualified arborist first before getting a tree removed.

You will likely need a tree removal permit in Launceston if any of your trees are the following:

Protected Trees and Endangered Trees

There are specific species of trees that are protected by the Launceston City Council and the Tasmanian Government as a whole. Cutting down these types of trees without a permit will cost you a massive fine, sometimes within the tens of thousands of dollars!

These are some of the trees you should always get permission for first before cutting down:

  • Cider Gum Trees
  • Silver Mallet Trees
  • Burdett Gum Trees
  • Mukinbudin Mallee Trees

Trees on Council Boundary Lines

If your tree is edging in the boundary of public or council land, it may belong to the council even if part of it is on your private land too. In these cases, you will almost definitely need approval for tree removal. Always double check your trees to see where they are positioned. If part of it is on public land, it may need permission first!

Some other reasons for a tree removal permit include:

  • Clearing a large number of trees
  • Removing a historically significant tree
  • Certain sizes of trees
  • Certain locations of trees
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Let us help you with your tree removal permits in Launceston

If you require a permit for your tree removal, or simply aren't sure if you do or not, contact our team of friendly qualified arborists in Launceston who will be more than happy to assist. Not only will we guide you in the right direction, but when working with us, you are far more likely to get granted approval for your tree removal through our trusted arborist reports.

Contact Launceston Tree Service today for all your tree removal needs! We are your local, trusted tree removal company!

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