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Do you find that your trees are starting to look unsightly and overgrown? One of the best methods to improve your yard is to hire a professional tree removal service to come in and care for the trees. Nobody wants their yard to be filled with unattractive, overgrown trees that will only make guests or neighbours think poorly of your home. Additionally, you shouldn't be risking the chance of your property being damaged by having big, poorly kept trees towering over your house. We have frequently witnessed people put off getting their trees pruned, which results in them having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages when the tree or its branches eventually fall (the end result isn't pretty!)

We are one of the best in Tasmania for all matters including tree care and maintenance. "What is the best tree removal service near me?" is no longer a question you need to Google because you know the answer! With over 25 years of experience in the tree care industry, we have the expertise to handle any tree removal job, regardless of the size of the tree. Even trees that are the tallest can be cut down by us without you having to worry about damage to your beautiful home. It's our goal to not only save you thousands of dollars but to make your home look amazing in the process!

Tree removal services Newstead can assist you if your property is overrun with trees, needs to have the trees trimmed, or has dead and sick trees. Our thorough and affordable tree removal service eliminates all the fuss and stress out of getting your property's trees cut down. Request a free tree treatment estimate by getting in touch with our knowledgeable tree care specialists!


Tree services we offer in newstead

Tree removal in Newstead

With many names such as arborist, tree fellers, and tree loppers, a tree removalists job is the same across the board... to remove your trees safely and effectively. It's important to hire a tree removal company who knows what they are doing and have the expertise to do so. Our arborist professionals are trained and equipped with the best machinery to remove any tree no matter how difficult it is to access.

Tree cutting in your area

We offer professional tree cutting for all size and species of trees. Whether it is a small branch that needs to be cut, all the way up to the entire tree that needs to be cut down, we are equipped with the tools to do it. The cost of tree cutting can vary greatly depending on how much needs to be cut, so for a free tree cutting quote, reach out and speak to us today!

pruning services for your trees

Maintaining your yards healthy trees is an important responsibility because it helps to preserve a vibrant ecosystem for you, your neighbours, and the wildlife surrounding your home. Tree trimming can greatly reduce the risk of fallen branches causing damages to property below. Having your trees pruned with a professional tree pruning service is very healthy for them, and can greatly extend the tree's life expectancy. Not only that, but it stops excess foliage from falling and blocking your gutters and drains.

Stump removal services in Newstead

After removal of a tree, its roots can continue to cause issues to your yard and property if not removed. The leftover stump of the tree can also be a real eyesore to your home and take up valuable yard space. Hiring a tree stump removal expert to remove your stump after the tree removal job is done can save you a lot of headache in the future.

Top reasons why our customers trust our Newstead tree care service


Unmatched customer service

Our tree service is unmatched with equipment and knowledge that makes us 100% effective.

No job too big or small

No matter how big or small the tree is, we have the skills and expertise to remove it.

Years of experience

With a lot of years under our belt, we can tackle any job that is thrown at us.

100% flexibility

Busy? Not a problem. We can do our job even when you aren't home.

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